Buying a home is a serious and special matter but at times also a nerve-wracking journey. De Nieuwe Amsterdamsche supports, advises, and shoulders the burden throughout the entire process. We enjoy helping you, with love – in a personal manner. Which is why we help and advise, but also stick to the facts whereas you are likely to be more emotionally invested. The purchase process can be long and trying, full of disappointments (especially given the state of the housing market in recent years). We manage the process and your expectations, support you in working through setbacks until we are 100% successful in acquiring the right home for you. Because, honestly, buying a new house isn’t something you do on a daily basis. Except for us, it is. The housing market is where our expertise lies. Which is why you enlist the services of a purchase broker: so that you can rest easy and know you’re making a sound purchase, at the right price.

You can always reach us and we will respond to your questions immediately, whether you need us during the weekend or in the evening. That’s simply how we work, and that’s a comforting thought for you as our client. We look forward to meeting you personally to discuss your specific wishes.

What you can expect from us:

  • A clear and personalized selection from the vast number of listings
  • 24/7 availability
  • We think out of the box. We prefer to present a surprising set of properties; homes you probably would have passed up on, or that you would not have thought of yourself.
  • An extremely vast network
  • Excellent structural expertise and legal support
  • Extensive market knowledge and expertise
  • Scheduling and viewings
  • Review of documents, sales information and purchase advice
  • Advice and help with choosing a notary
  • Support with the purchase agreement, the transfer and the inspection
  • Remodeling advice